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May 25, 2015 Strange Sounds In The Sky – God Tells Me What They Are

strange sounds1I was watching YouTube clips about the strange noises heard all over the world and decided to ask God about it.

People were saying they’ve been hearing these strange noises around the world and everyone’s wondering what these strange sounds are.

ss9No one really seems to know what it is …and people all over the place have their own theories of what these sounds could be. But I thought that perhaps these sounds could be coming from the Heavens, as a warning to the people, like an end time warning sound,
a sound coming from God.

ss7God says in His Word that He can speak to us through signs in the heavens/skies.  I decided, why don’t I just ask God about it, because He would know what these sounds are that everyone’s talking about. So I went to prayer to Him this morning, and I asked Him. I said, “Lord, what are these sounds?”ss106

And He said, “These are sounds from Heaven. I’m releasing them on purpose. It’s to get people’s attention that I am coming back soon.  It’s a warning signal.”

ss3And then He said, “It’s not supposed to sound pretty – it’s to get their attention and get them thinking.  In my Word it says there will be signs in the skies.  Look for them and take notice. My Word will not pass in vain.  For I am coming, says the Lord.  Prepare your hearts to meet Me.  Every eye will see Me and every tongue confess that I am the Lord.  Behold, I come quickly.  Do not delay.  This is the day of salvation.”

Then my heart was filled with words from a chorus.
spirit of revivalAll over the world, the Spirit is moving
All over the world, like the prophets said it would be
All over the world, there’s a mighty revelation
Of the glory of the Lord, as the water covers the sea.

Then I asked Him again about the sounds, “Lord, what is that?”  And He said, “It’s a noise from Heaven.  It’s to awaken the people, to prepare their hearts to the Lord.  Behold I come quickly.  And every eye will see Me and every tongue will confess that I am the Lord.  The time is near.  Do not delay.  I am coming.  I am coming with all My Glory in the clouds.  It will be a beautiful day for those that know and love Me, and a dreadful day for those that don’t.  But this is the day of salvation still.

There is still time to get your hearts right with God.  I can still save you.  Believe in Me.
I am the One that died for you on the cross.
I am the One that bled and died and paid for your sins.  I am the only One that can forgive you for them (the sins).

It is all done.  It is all finished.  The choice is now up to you.  Will you believe that I am the One?  Or will you choose not to believe? I am still the Lord.  I want you to believe in Me so that you can have eternal life with Me in Heaven.
heaven w garden stairsHeaven is real.  I am coming back.  And I am coming back quickly. I have already delayed, but will delay no more.  The time is now.  Prepare your hearts to meet Me.  I am coming. It will be real.  Please get your hearts ready.

Ask Me to forgive you from your sins.  Ask Me to come into your life.  Ask Me to make your heart new again.  Ask Me – and I will do it.  For it is the day of salvation.  Salvation is from the Lord.  Behold, I come and I come quickly.

These signs in the sky are to awaken all the people in the world – that’s why they’re all over ss13the place.  So that everyone has had a chance to hear them.  It’s a sign that I’m coming back soon.

Let those who has ears, let him hear.  Let them listen, pay attention, and act accordingly.  I am coming.  The time is now – get your hearts ready to meet Me. Do not delay.  For I love you and send these signs so that you may inquire about them.  They haven’t happened before because now it is the last days. Make way in your hearts for a Saviour.  I am the only One that can save you.”

Then I asked , “Who is this?  Like, who’s this coming from?” And He said, “This is from Jesus Christ the Lord.  The Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last and the One and Coming King.  I am the Messiah.  The King of Kings and Lord of Jesus cross and namesLords.  Let no man be deceived, for there is no other God besides Me.  I am the Creator of the Universe.  Is it hard for Me to make a sound come out of the sky?  For nothing is impossible with Me.  I want to let the people know that I am coming.  I am coming back quickly.

Prepare your hearts to meet Me.  There will be joy and there will be sadness on that Great Day of the Lord.  The ones that are ready to meet me will have joy in their hearts as they see Me, and the ones that aren’t ready, will have great sadness and distress as they see Me coming in the clouds.

For I am the Lord, the Great I Am, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.  I Am who I say I Am.  Please, people, prepare your hearts for the Lord.  The Great and Mighty and Terrible Day of the Lord is coming.

Prepare your hearts.  Do it now.  Don’t wait for tomorrow, for tomorrow may not come. It ss99will be a glorious day for those that love Me and a frightening day for those that don’t.  Be in the group that love Me, for I love you already.

I have prepared a place for you.  And I am coming back to take you to be with Me forever. It is very beautiful here.  More beautiful than anything on earth.

heaven w garden stairsYou will not regret choosing to love Me, and you will not regret allowing Me into your heart and life.

For I Am The Bread of Life.  Whoever eats of Me will never be hungry and whoever drinks My cup shall be full forever.

Again, I say, prepare your hearts for Me.  I am coming.  Thus sayeth the Lord.  Amen.  Amen.”

Then God brought these verses on my heart.

John 6:35
Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life.  Whoever comes to Me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.”

Acts 2:19
I will show wonders in the Heaven above and signs on earth below.

Luke 21:11
There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

ss110So there’s an answer from God about all those strange sounds.  Now the mystery is solved.  Te sounds are signs from Heaven, from God, letting all the people in the whole wide world know that He is God and that He is indeed coming back soon.

Please share this with everyone … because God wants everybody to be ready to meet Him.

Mon. May 25, 2015
10:26am Jesus
I asked the Lord again,
“Lord, did this come from you Lord?”
And He said, “Yes it did.”
I asked, “What do you want me to do about it?”
He said, “You need to tell people.”
I said, “What kind of people?”
He said, “All kinds of people.”

Thu. Jun. 18, 2015
He let me know that I should share this with everyone, that it wasn’t only for me..

ss111May God richly bless you with His words of love and encouragement!
‘May you take the step of faith and accept Jesus as your personal Saviour. Come to Him now.  I pray this is Jesus name, Amen. Life with Jesus is amazing.’


May God bless you and save your soul for Heaven.


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